Cars Cheapest On Insurance

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Cars Cheapest On Insurance

Buying a car is already expensive on its own, but some people forget to factor in the cost of car insurance. We’ve laid out a few ways on how to find cars cheapest on insurance.

Why Does Your Car Type Affect Your Rates?

One of the main reasons your car types affects your rates is the cost to maintenance. If your vehicle has expensive or hard to get parts, your insurance is going to automatically increase. Which is why your rates will go down the older your vehicle gets, those parts and repairs will become more available. This is also why age is a big factor of your rates. The parts and tools needed to make repairs aren’t nearly as sought out as they are for a newer vehicle.

Things like advanced airbags and early crash detection may help lower your rates. They can reduce the damages and can also prevent severe injury from happening which will help the cost of your insurance greatly.

Lastly, you should consider theft as a contribution to your rates. Some makes and models of cars are easier to steal than others. So, if you’re looking at getting a vehicle like that, think about your insurance!

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Types Of Cars Cheapest To Insure

Everything about your vehicle will impact the rate that you pay for your insurance. Currently, the average insurance rate for a vehicle is around $2,375 per year.

Some people depend on getting a certain style or type of car because of things like their job or how many kids and family members they need to drive around. Here’s a list of different styles of cars and what their insurance normally costs.

  1. Standard Pickup Truck
  2. Small SUV
  3. Large Car
  4. Mid-Size Car
  5. Compact Car
  6. Midsize SUV

Cheapest Car Make To Insure

Some Vehicle Makes are more expensive to cover due to the different parts that go into different brands of vehicle manufacturers. The cheapest being Mazda at an average of $2,100 and the most expensive being BMW at an average of $4,700.

Car Models that are Cheapest To Insure

The model of your vehicle will always have a big impact on your insurance, especially when it comes to getting extra packages and details on the vehicle. Here are some of the cheapest models when it comes to insurance.

  1. Ford F-150 
  2. Honda CR-V
  3. Mazda CX-5
  4. Honda Pilot 
  5. Chevy Traverse 
  6. Volkswagen Tiguan 
  7. Ford Bronco Sport

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Tips For Finding A Car With The Cheapest Insurance

There are quite a few vehicle traits that can make your insurance rates higher and less affordable. Here are some tips on how to keep your rates down and save some money!

Don’t Go For The Newest Model

The newer the model of your car is, the more money you’re going to spend overall. The car itself is going to be more expensive as are the parts and tools to repair it. If you get into an accident, the amount your insurance company will have to pay goes up drastically. This in turn will cause your insurance to be more expensive. Older models are going to be the cars cheapest on insurance.

Make Sure The Car Has A Good Security System

If your car doesn’t have a security system or it’s not properly installed, your vehicle becomes a greater risk to your insurance company. A vehicle that does not have an alarm system or a tracking system is more likely to get broken into or stolen. Having a car with a better security system can lower your rates as well as keeping your personal items and vehicle safe.

Other Things To Consider

There are also other factors that people don’t typically think of when it comes to your insurance cost. Most people focus on the year, make and model of the car instead of underlying factors that can greatly affect your rates.

  • Age Of Drivers: If someone on your policy is under the age of 25, your insurance rate is going to be much higher. Younger drivers are more of a risk due to them not having their license for as long as most adults, putting them more at risk to get into an accident.
  • Location: The city and state that you live in can also have an impact on your insurance costs. If you live somewhere with heavy traffic, bad weather or high crime rates it will make your rates higher than it would be in a different city.
  • Driving Record: You’ll get the best rates if your driving record is free of any incidents or damages on previous vehicles. If you have any accidents on your record, it will raise your insurance rates by some percent depending on the severity and how recent your incident was.
  • Amount of Coverage: It is required by state for you to have the most basic insurance plan on your vehicle, but it won’t give you much coverage. The most common add ons, such as full coverage or roadside assistance, will make your rates go up as well. Even thought you’ll be paying more, this is always not a bad option because you know your property will be covered in the instance of an accident or theft.
  • How You Use Your Vehicle: The more you drive your vehicle, the higher you may be paying! Insurance companies will look at your annual mileage and determine whether it is higher than average. If it is, you should expect to pay more because the more you drive, the more likely you are to get into an accident. Vehicles that aren’t driven as much are the cars cheapest on insurance.

If all else fails, Refinance! Refinancing Your Car is a great way to lower your total monthly payments, especially if you’re unable to get a lower rate on your insurance. if you’re unsure if it’s a good option for you, an Auto Refinance Calculator is a great tool that can help you make your decision.

At the end of the day, you should always shop around when it comes to finding insurance. The first option you find most likely isn’t going to be the best, so don’t be afraid to get quotes from multiple insurance companies.

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